2021 Home Decor Trends

In October I talked about the future of home and all of those points hold true to this post.....the difference, this post hits on details. The biggest trend, we are staying home and we simply want things we didn't know we wanted before. The number of home improvement projects is up in a big way. Whether you hire it done or DIY, where do you start?

I start with color, followed by a mood board or a Pinterest board or both because that's how I roll!



Dare I say it, beige is BACK!

Maybe not quite like it was in the decades before now but you will be seeing more and more beige making it’s way back into homes. I've been talking for two years that color trends are warming up. This trend is starting off as greige which you probably are seeing plenty of already.

We repainted our home this Fall and I chose SW - Alabaster because I wanted a warm white because I couldn't go Pure White.  That's ok and so is white as well as gray....this post is about trends and not all trends will speak to you.  Follow only those that do....that's a trend that will forever hold true.

Beige furniture is also growing in popularity. More modern lines make it fresh and I'm willing to accept it. Rumor also has it that brown walls might be making a comeback too. This is something I'll consider as I redo my lower level family room this Winter....you might be asking WHY??? Well, I love trends I can change easily and I have this brown leather sofa set we can't yet part with and somehow the trend blends with what I already own.



Dark and moody everything are in. We just installed new carpet that's completely moody. One minute its gray, the next it's beige and after that it's fun shade of beach sand. No idea how it does it but it's amazing!

We also have an accent wall that's a moody blue (SW - Gale Force). Now take that wall and paint the whole room blue .... that's the trend! Don't get me wrong, I'm not doing that on my main floor but you might see me do it in my basement.

I’m not saying that all white walls are out. White is timeless, but making trends work for you is an option here.  

Dark and moody rooms are trending, especially in dining rooms, bedrooms and basements. If your room doesn't get a lot of natural light, you might think painting your walls a light color will brighten things up, not always true. Dark and moody might be a better solution.



You are going to be seeing more natural wood tones popping up in decor. You'll see it in furniture, kitchen cabinets, flooring and built-ins. Chippy painted farmhouse furniture isn’t all the rage anymore. The unpainted furniture look is very popular right now, so put your paint brushes away.

White oak and walnut are huge but not in the way you might be thinking.  Natural is the go to or very light stain.



White kitchens have been all of the rage for a long time but the tide is turning. A white kitchen is timeless and will never go completely out of style but you will be seeing more wood tones in kitchens this year.

Natural wood islands, cabinets and shelving are very popular. Mix in a moody green or blue base cabinet and you're on trend.

Add in some new white appliances and you're the coolest cat on the block.  Yep, you heard it here....white appliances are back.  They look a little different but they clean up just as easily and they're a fresh look.



Isn't going anywhere, if anything it's getting bigger.  We're talking wallpapering an entire room. If you grew up in the 80s like me, you might still struggle with it.  The good news is the styles are attractive and self stick options make it less painful to commit to...because it's no longer a commitment.


Wicker & Rattan:

They were in last year and they're back big.  Not only popular in furniture but decor as well. Modern and elegant shapes make them new, plus they add so much texture to a space with minimal effort. Casual and comfortable furniture, natural fiber rugs, and plants add to the mix.



As we talk plants, there's a new player in town. What?? Move over fiddle leaf fig because here comes the olive tree. I've loved olive trees for a few years, plus I never jumped on the fiddle leaf train. So, this is a trend I'm totally on board with. Another plant trend, is real plants.  I jumped on this trend last year and I haven't thrown in the towel. All of my plants are still alive and they're adding so many healthy vibes to our home.  Most of you know, I love to mix real and faux because some plants are just too hard to grow. So feel free to mix it up and have some fun in 2021.


Vintage Art:

Last but certainly not least vintage art is incredibly popular.  A year ago I asked my Mom for some pieces I remember my Grandma having.  Of course non of those were to be found but I did find a few print shops with vintage art and jumped on board.  I have a great tree/lake piece that accents my mantle in the Spring/Summer and a really beautiful snow covered path art piece, that is in a frame this Winter.

Will I add more vintage pieces this year?  Maybe, because for $15 or less, it's kind of a no brainer and the colors, textures and feel are so welcoming.

Cover Photo: Photo: www.margaretrajic.com
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