Add A Little Twinkle To Your Winter Decor

Don't let January dull your sparkle. Most of my friends agree that this coming Winter, in particular, needs a little sparkle. Should the tree come down, yes. Should the stockings be tucked away, for sure but you can still add life to your Winter decor with a few easy tips.

This month I'm showcasing the beautiful home of my friend Aubrey from The Altered Abode. Her Duluth, MN home is incredibly welcoming and comfortable.

Let's get started!

Start With A Clean Slate -

  • Remove Santas, red everything, signs and anything that screams Christmas.
  • Purge, organize and simplify (nothing feels better). Get rid of or donate the ornaments, wreaths & decor you know you'll never use again.
  • Box like colored Christmas items together (you'll thank me next year).

Keep Your Winter Greens -

  • Let nature lead the way. If pine and evergreens grow near you, use them.  If magnolia is your thing, use that, eucalyptus works well too.
  • Shop your yard, shop your home and save.
  • Trees, vases with pine or branches are a great touch.

Keep It Simple - 

  • Less is often more this time of the year.  Neutral colors with a lot of texture win this season. Strive for a warm relaxed look.
  • Birch logs by the fire or as a centerpiece are beautiful.
  • Candles in mason jars, on books, in baskets are all a perfect Winter touch.
  • Chunky pillows, cozy knit throws, sheepskin, wool & faux fur all get a thumbs up. Velvet is another beautiful choice for Winter.
  • A bowl of Winter fruit or pomegranates are a nice touch.
  • Pinecones on a stem or in a bowl add beautiful & natural texture.
  • Burlap covered books or books in general are always welcome in my home.
  • Nubby baskets, lanterns and wooden bowls are perfect for Winter.

Fireplace Focus (No FP, Read Anyway, I Have Tips You'll Love) -

  • Add a mirror to reflect light while the days are shorter.
  • Candles, candles, candles (need I say more).
  • Add vintage Winter art in a metallic frame.
  • Winter garland with an asymmetrical line is perfect.
  • Wooden beads as garland also works for Winter.
  • Add something to the hearth to keep our eyes moving. A bucket of logs or a basket of stems.
  • Add fairy lights (here's your chance to sparkle).
  • Missing a Fireplace?? Make any flat surface the star of your room! Buffets, consoles and shelves are ideal. Use the same accents I shared above for a beautiful Winter look.