Centerpiece Tips & Tricks

You are the builder of your future & if your future includes a new centerpiece I'm here to help! I recently posted a question about centerpieces. "Do you prefer centerpieces that are one sided (meaning they look great from the front but not the back) vs a circular display that's styled from all sides". I'm tackling the question head on in this blog post.

The key to choosing which type of display works best is based on the table you're styling & it's location. Dining room tables, coffee tables, some sofa tables & some end tables are viewed from all sides & should look good from all sides. If your display backs up to a wall - you're golden & a one sided display works. I sometimes follow these rules, haha!

The best way to talk centerpieces is to show centerpieces. Few words - Several Pics, let's have some FUN!

Step 1 - Clear the space.

Step 2 - Choose your container or containers.

  • Go BIG with one large bowl, urn, dough bowl or vase.
  • Go with a trio of bowls, vases or candles. 
  • Vignette Trays make for another great option (a container for a small grouping of objects that creates a pleasing focal point).

*Tip - If you're using a big bowl, place a smaller bowl upside down inside to fill the space & give support to any larger center displays.

Step 3 - Fill the bowl(s), vase or tray.

 Filler Ideas: 

  • Real flowers like hydrangeas (last forever & dry beautifully)
  • Orchids (last forever & easy to care for)
  • Faux Flowers or Arrangements (choose the best you can afford, faux is a place where an investment pays off year after year).
  • Real or Faux Greens
  • Blooming Branches
  • Moss
  • Pine Cones
  • Wine Corks

    More Photos Please!!!


    Step 4 - Styling time


    • Fill your large vase with a smaller glass vase/container for florals to keep them together & make watering easy if needed.
    • Odd numbers work best - One big bowl, Three Bottles, Five Stems.
    • Vignettes work best with 3 items in varying heights.

      If you aren't a rule follower (like me) and you have a one sided display in the center of your dining room table, a simple tip is to try to style the back. Here I used corks in the front & in the back so it still looks finished. I also chose a frame with a cool back, so it's still interesting. Another trick for this situation is to hide a candy bowl behind the frame for fun treats. Who's smiling now???

        Que - MORE Photos!

        I hope you feel inspired to change up your centerpieces. All of the looks in this blog post are shoppable at Spruced Surroundings.

        Have some fun & make it a great day my friends!