Centerpieces Made Easy

Those who know me (or have read the about us page.....hint hint) know we live a VERY busy life with 5 kids who participate in what feels like EVERYTHING!  Don't get me wrong, we love that they're busy but this means we cherish family dinners even more (they usually happen on Sundays or on snow days when school events are cancelled).  I honestly try to cook healthy meals and when given the chance I try to make them special.  What does this have to do with Centerpieces (ha ha......not a lot). So here's the deal, our dining room table is BIG and Round.  I had the challenge of creating a centerpiece that fit the space, was pretty and was easy to remove for those crazy (sort of special) meals I like to serve.

                             With summer coming to an end, I'm looking forward to changing things up and adding some warmth to this space for fall so many possibilities for this oversized dough bowl, I think I know what I want to do with it. What would you do?! (Keep in mind it's almost 4' long, so no filling it with acorns! ) #changeofseasons #bringonfall #decor

So what am I talking about here? I'm talking Simple (in that it can be moved by kids in a single step); I wanted it to be on Trend and Adaptable for the Seasons.  I prefer to use a Tray, Bowl or Basket to contain everything (this makes it easy to move).  I love greenery because it makes things feel a little more alive. I try to incorporate a variety of textures (greenery, color, wood, metal, paper, shiny get the point).  My perfect centerpiece will have a Candle or two because if my kids or I are too lazy to move the centerpiece I can just light the candles and pretend it's on know to make the frozen pizza a little more special.

To change my centerpiece up for Valentine's Day I add a couple of small touches: If I have a bigger vase I add a few roses, if that doesn't work I add a smaller vase with paper hearts on a wood skewer or a heart of some sort. Just a little something to say "Hey, It's a Holiday". I typically transition in to Easter next (St Patrick's Day is a fun holiday.....Just not one I decorate for).  I add a great bunny statue in white and add tulips to my vase.....seriously, that's it!  It's so easy and it looks great. You can also add a Cross or Easter Eggs; the best part is it doesn't take much to change the look. Once Easter is over I transition in to Summer.  Remember, it's the same centerpiece that I'm working with, I'm just adding or swapping a few key parts. What does Summer say to you?  For me it's flip flops, sand, fresh bright flowers, palm branches....I simply add these to my base centerpiece. Sand in a glass vase with a candle, a branch from my palm plant and a few flowers from the garden (or I steal from my plants out front......I don't really have a garden).  Fall and Christmas are just as easy.  Add a few small pieces that speak of the season to your base. You're Done!

      Hearts on a Stick:  Simply cut out some scrapbook paper hearts, attach them to a wooden skewer, and display 'em all in an old bottle to add a bit of charm to your dresser.            our grass in oval tin would be a great base for a table center piece like this. search item:kk11255a at

Now, if bowls, trays and baskets aren't your thing there are some other incredible ideas.  How do you feel about a Terrarium? Fill it with real or faux plants. How about a couple of vases with stems or flowers? A couple of large candle holders also look great filled with candles or other seasonal items.  All of these are still easy to move out of the way for meal time or game night but they look great when they're in place.

Five Ways to Decorate for the Holidays on a Budget - Evolution of Style        Another stylish depiction of our Balance Scales in action! Thanks for sharing Michelle: #homedecor #home

Just promise me you won't place a pile of napkins on a place mat with a salt and pepper shaker on top and call it your centerpiece.  I promise, you can make your table and family/friends smile by stepping it up just a bit.  I've put together several great "Base" centerpiece options for this weeks sets.  Choose one that fits your style and run with it.  You'll be so happy you did. I've also included a couple of  "Seasonal" options to encourage the fun!

Photos Courtesy of Pinterest.