Fall Spruce Up

Hey Friends!  I'm hoping you've had a great Summer. To kick off the season we are talking about an Fall Spruce Ups. To me Fall is a long season (which I love) and it takes a couple of different forms. Early Fall, which is now until temps drop (here that's October) and Late Fall which lasts until Thanksgiving is over and it's time to decorate for Christmas. I'm going to give you the Top 5 Places to Decorate for Fall. These tricks make it easy and transitions quickly from Summer to Early & Late Fall.

Transition to Fall

FRONT PORCH - I recommend starting here! Why? It's the place you and your guests see first when arriving at your home. Not to mention, if your flowers look anything like mine they need to be replaced. I like to start with some Fall foliage. Mums will be my go to (buy the ones that aren't in bloom yet.....they'll last a lot longer) and add some sticks to the center of the largest plant (don't buy sticks.....trim the tree or shrubs in your front yard and steal a few). Add a Fall rug, wreath and maybe a large basket with a blanket & Fall pillow.....You're done! Until later in the season when you can add some pumpkins, gourds and Halloween decor.

Front Entry Update for Fall  Your Favorite Town Pillow and Fall Pillows to Spruce Up Your Front Entry.

FRONT ENTRY - This spot is really quick and easy to update. It's a perfect space for a Fall sign. You can hang the sign, put it on a table or in a basket. If using a basket, stage it with flowers, sticks, blanket, s'more fixings, a football or any other group of items that make for a great Fall day. I love to add a Fall pillow (or three depending on your space....I have a bench so I need more pillows than a chair would need).

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Living Room - This is my favorite place to decorate but it doesn't have to be hard. Remove any really Summery items that'll clash with Fall. Don't worry about changing out your throw blankets yet. That is a quick late Fall update; changing out light weight cotton blankets for plaid, wool, faux fur & knit is a cozy October trick. September is a great time to add some seasonally appropriate pillows. A little orange, brown, tan &/or ivory can be added to your traditional colors. My main color is blue so this year I added fall themed throw pillows but didn't change my colors. I also added an Autumn statement sign. Boom, I'm done!

Fireplace Spruce Up

Dining Room - The first step here is to remove any Summer flowers and replace them with something more Fall appropriate. It's a transition, so don't feel like you have to go full on Autumn now. I added a large bowl with a wreath inside it and some faux gourds. Easy and done. It can stay like this for months or change as Halloween or Thanksgiving approach.

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Kitchen - The last and final stop on a quick Fall update is the kitchen. I have several vignettes in my kitchen so instead of totally changing them up I removed the Summer orbs and greens. I then replaced Summer with Fall colored orbs and sticks. This was a really fast transition. I can do more as the weather cools and the leaves turn color but for now I'm finished with my transformation from Summer to Fall.

I'm off to start my Fall Bucket List of everything I love to do in the Fall.  I hope you are able to enjoy Autumn's last and loveliest smile as well. Until next time my friends....Cheers!