Fall Wreath DIY

Fall decor trends are all about wreaths.....they're so much more than "Door Decor".  A well-placed wreath can add color and texture to so many spaces in your home and not just any wreath will do. Does this mean you need a new wreath? Maybe but you may be able to take that old wreath and Rehab it into something new and on trend. This year is all about color blocking. Think of it as visually dividing your wreath into 2-6 sections, with each section being a different color, flower & texture that coordinates with the other.

Our FALL DIY will show you how to quickly transform a simple wreath into something on trend for far less than they can be purchased for. I've found similar wreaths selling for $300.....yikes!  We can do better, I promise.

Step One - find a good "Base Wreath" because re-creating the wheel is too much work. This is where your old wreath can come into play (don't use pine for this DIY). If it's adorned with old flowers, pumpkins bows etc, remove them. I'm using a eucalyptus wreath we have in stock at our store. If you need new, hobby stores usually have a decent selection of inexpensive wreaths to decorate.

Step Two - section your wreath. I'm dividing this wreath into two sections. The Napa Wreath I created is sectioned into 4 sections. This is completely your decision, based on how many color & texture options you want to include. The key here is to make sure the colors play well together. In this example I'm using orange & green, which work beautifully for the season.  A fun trend for this season is white or purple. We have several wreath colors at our online store for inspiration or to purchase.

Step Three - choose your flowers, berries, vegetables & place them. In my example I'm using a bittersweet accent wreath that I've cut & placed into the eucalyptus wreath. I'm also using burnt orange flowers that I found at the hobby store for $2.50 a stem & a pumpkin to give the orange interest. Arrange & rearrange until you have a look you're happy with. Once you have your look, use some thin floral wire & wire snips to attach the accent pieces.

Step Four - if you're planning to hang your wreath, make sure it has a hook or loop on the back to hang it.  This can easily be created with some wire and those handy wire snips. If you prefer ribbon, this is an excellent way to hang wreaths as well. For those who are using their wreath as a centerpiece, you're done. One trick I love is to prop my wreath against a large candle holder.

If this feels overwhelming, I'm here for you! The wreaths I've created are available for purchase at our online store as well as a variety of professional wreaths. Make it a great fall friends!