Easy Holiday Tablescapes

Tis' the Season for entertaining & serving special meals with friends & family. If you're this year's host....No Fear! I'm here to help you create the "Perfect"ly Easy Tablescape for your event.

A Tablescape is meant to enhance your dining experience. To show your guests you care but it needn't cost a lot or take a lot of time. Some of the prettiest tables on Instagram are created from the garden & produce section of the local market.

Let's get started!

Step One - Get inspired.....Pinterest & Instagram are great places to start. I"ve posted several ideas to Spruced Up Dining on my Pinterest page to help out.

Step Two - Gather your goodies. Hit your storage closet, dollar store, Greenhouse, the market etc.

Now let's REALLY get started!

Step Three - Add your base (the background)....table cloth, fabric runner, place mats or unique items like chargers, doilies, turkish towels & large napkins are all perfect base options.

Step Four - Add your dinner plates. This can be your most formal or casual china. Mix & match for a casual feel, add colored or seasonal salad plates & bowls. Make it your own.

Step Five - Choose your napkins. Have some fun here! There are so many fun colors, prints & textures to choose from. The beauty is, napkins won't break the bank. You can fold them, roll them, put napkin rings around them, tie them with twine or have some fun placing them in the center of the plates & topping them with a place card, take home gift or use greenery, fruit or pine cones with ribbon. If you're feeling overwhelmed, go back to your inspiration photo & copy it. Your napkins don't have to go next to or on your plates either. Fan them & stick them in a wine or water glass (I say water glass.....you're going to want to use the wine glass ;).

Step Six - If you haven't, you can now add your glasses & flatware. Maybe you've already rolled your silverware up in napkins & embellished them with berries, in this case you can move on. I love an over-achiever!

Step Seven - Centerpiece time. Your centerpiece can be something you've had on your table all season or something special for just this celebration. The basics for a centerpiece are simple. 1) Start with a horizontal piece (tray, riser, books, a bowl, sticks, pine boughs). Once your horizontal piece is placed, start building. 2) Add height & vary your heights (vases, candle holders, frames ceramics, baskets). The trick here....assuming you want to see your guests on the other side of the table, is to try to keep the bigger items lower. The thinner items like candle holders can be taller. 3) Add natural items (if it fits your style) like berries, apples, pine cones, orbs, succulents. 4) Add warmth - candles. 5) Final touch (again if it fits your style) finish it off with something that has movement or sweeps over your display. Things like ribbon, beads & battery operated lights are fun choices.

Tip - Don't forget the guests who won't fit at your main table.  Create something special for their their space too. The same rules apply even though their space might be slightly more confined.

Happy "Tablescaping" this holiday season! Cheers to you & yours.