Home Decor Splurge vs Save

We all struggle with where to splurge & where to save. Dressing your home is much like dressing yourself. You likely have trendy pieces of clothing from Forever 21 or Zara & investment pieces from higher end designers like Tory Burch or Chanel. Fashion designers have this down to an art.

Your home should be an artful mix of high, low, and in between pieces. The secret is in the splurge! A luxurious rug (even if you bought it at an estate sale) can make an inexpensive sofa look high-end, while vibrant art will make those functional curtains seem less simple. It's all about balance.

"I believe your home should tell your story. The best interiors reflect who the owners really are – where they have traveled, their collections, what they love." - Lynda Kerry.

Taking this perfect quote into consideration, shop your home first. Asses the things you own & use those that fit your goals to expand your budget. If you hate it, get rid of it! Remember what's old to you might be new & perfect to me. On the same note, what I might find inexpensive could be an expensive waste to you. The tips I'm sharing in this blog are a summary from numerous designers but feel free to mix & match your taste & values with these.

SPLURGE Worthy Decor:

  • Comfy Sofa in a neutral color - it's like that little black dress you wear over & over but it never goes out of style.
  • Dining Table - it's the place your family will gather for years & it's a great hand me down when your kids leave your nest.
  • Mattress - this is a given, a good night's rest matters.
  • Unique Statement piece - chandeliers are a great splurge because they're like the jewelry of a home. Art can also be splurge worthy, so long as you adore it & can see it in your world for years to come.
  • Quality Pillows - great fabrics make a statement without breaking the bank because of the small amount of yardage used & quality inserts make them last.
  • Faux Florals - this one is a little weird but here's the deal, great florals last forever & they change a look instantly. Cheap florals just look cheap.
  • Candles - another slightly weird one but when it comes to a candles price, it directly reflects the quality of ingredients. Higher end candles aren't filled with toxic chemicals and that's just smart.

This is where mixing high end and low end items comes into play. Sometimes spending more money on your room accessories, wall decor & mirrors can elevate the space enough to make your budget friendly furniture appear more upscale.

Where to SAVE:

  • Side Tables - they aren't used as heavily as your sofa which makes them an easy place to save.
  • Rattan Furniture - totally on trend & the soft look/shape softens the edges of a room.
  • Bar Cart - a cart is a less expensive space saver to a buffet while providing style & storage.
  • Table Lamps - a fun place to get trendy while saving money.
  • Vibrant art - splurging here is fine if you're in LOVE but saving is also smart if you aren't sure. Frame your own photos or have them printed on canvas. Starving artist sales are a great place to shop as well as salvage or thrift stores.
  • White China - large box stores, estate sales, thrift stores etc all offer white china. Old or new, they're all white. Mix & match whenever you want. 
  • Worn sofas & chairs with quality construction are a great way to save - shop furniture on FB marketplace or Ebay. Ugly fabrics can be slip covered in white for an inexpensive but gorgeous look.

Mixing materials, furnishings and finishes can often make a room appear more luxurious than it really is. A layered look with modern lines, warm textures & greenery brings the perfect touch of casual elegance to a space.

At Spruced Surroundings I work really hard to source quality decor, that's both unique & special. Much of it is handcrafted, with great attention to detail. This puts my price point in the moderate range. I offer the type of decor that will be with you for years to come. The biggest piece of advice I can give you is to choose authentically to your taste. Welcome pieces into your home that speak to you. My final tip is to Shop Small! Small business owners will offer the most help & the best advice because what they're doing is their life's dream. If you have a question, message me!  I'm always here to help.

Design & Photo Credits go to - Lynda Kerry & Abbie Melle  https://www.homestolove.com.au/

Blog Post opinions and summary are of numerous designer opinions & those of Spruced Surroundings. They are not a direct reflection of any one person.