How & Where To Store Your Home Decor

Many of you have asked me how & where I store all of my home decor. I'm really lucky because our current home has several storage spaces & I've pretty much taken them over. Ample storage wasn't always the case & I had to get creative. To make this blog post a little more helpful, I've asked some of my farm & cozy house friends how they store their extra decor. Get ready for some awesome tips!!

To start off I'm going to offer some ideas that'll make storage easy no mater where you store your decor - this is the how part :). Then I'll offer a few suggestions on where.

  • Hang wreaths on metal hangers or plastic hangers with metal hooks & cover them with large garbage bags to keep them clean.
  • Place faux flower stems in a bucket with a handle so you can keep them together & hang the bucket if needed.
  • Baskets are awesome & multi-functional for storing orbs, pine cones etc.
  • Clear totes are your best friend for storing holiday decor or anything headed to the attic or garage. You'll know what's in them because you can see it.
  • Think vertical! Hooks, nails, wine racks & curtain rods make great options for hanging wreaths, garland, flowers & more.


Now, where on earth are you going to put these things???

Storage Furniture & Cabinets are the perfect place for smaller items you want easy access to, like out of season throw blankets. They're also good for items that could melt in the heat of Summer like candles.

Closets & Open Shelving are my favorite storage places. When I started Spruced Surroundings I bought rolling shelving units from Costco to store pillows, vases, candles, blankets & all of the other fun items we offer.  I've maxed them out, so I've had to learn how to efficiently use the space. I stack pillows in coordinating seasons, colors & sizes. I use totes for fragile items & holiday items I want to keep together. Blankets are folded to fit the shelf & stacked with like blankets to minimize the amount of space they require. 

Attic or Garage spaces are sometimes the only storage option. To make this an easy to use space, use clear totes with colored lids or labels to differentiate Summer totes from Christmas totes and so on. Use nails to vertically hang wreaths. You should be able to easily hang 4 wreaths on one stud.

The best tip I can give you and it's one I need to practice myself, is to sell it or get rid of it if you haven't used it in 2 years. Clothing is 1 year, decor is 2. You can do it! Thank you to those who requested help, you've made me organize my own home so that I could help you organize yours. Cheers!!