It's January.....Now What?!?!

So, the holidays are over.  It's time to put your Red and Green decorations away (some of us are really excited about this and others are really bummed....Christmas décor is so Pretty!!!); It's time to put your home back to its "Normal" state of décor. Often normal feels boring after all of the sparkle is gone, at least that's how I feel. So, how do we turn boring into Cozy, Comfortable and ultimately Special?

It's Winter, so what makes you feel good in the Winter? Blankets, Fire in your Fireplace, Candles, Pretty Pillows, Greenery and Natural Elements are popular and common choices.  Here are a few pictures to show you what I'm getting at.

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This doesn't have to mean EVERYTHING has to be White or Off-White.  These are beautiful options but what about adding some Blue/Grey, Silver, Gold, Pink or Blue/Green.  What.....Aqua Blue?!?!?!  There's nothing I enjoy more in the Winter than a Vacation or at a minimum chasing the Winter blues away with the dream of being at the beach.  The Sun, that Beautiful Water and a Cold Drink in my hand. So, if you can't go to the Beach why not bring a little bit of that vibe into your home???  Now, I'm not necessarily saying sea shells and sand but do what makes you happy.  Your home décor should make you feel good......ultimately Happy is what it's all about.

  boho modern neutral family room decor     Changing It Up: Relaxed Global Bohemian Decor

So, buy an Orchid (they're everywhere and they cost so very little), burn a Pina Colada scented candle, play your favorite Island Music (I'll be listening to "Guitars and Tiki Bars") and bring a little of the Caribbean into your home.  You don't have to paint your walls blue to catch the vibe but by all means go for it if you love it!!  My advice would be to add some pretty knit or woven Pillows in that beautiful Blue/Green to your Sofa (think Boho) along with a Cozy Blanket (I'm in love with Moroccan blankets right now) because lets get real it is still Winter.  The KEY - pour a Margarita and Dance in the Kitchen while you decorate.  I mentioned making it FUN!!!! 

Photos Courtesy of Pinterest.