Looking Ahead At The Future Of Home

This has been a tumultuous year!  Am I right or am I right?!?! From a pandemic that locked us down, to riots that showed us we can love our black friends but "black lives matter" is bigger. Gender identity, equality and acknowledgment are a focus of attention. We've witnessed several once in a lifetime, catastrophic storms and fires that have changed our landscape for a very long time. How does this influence home design, decor and lifestyle trends for the future?

I'm entrusting in some of the big guns in the industry to bring the details home to you. Sherwin Williams is my paint expert, Pinterest, The Italian Bark and Melissa Penfold are my industry experts. They have already shared their forecasts.  I'm hoping to do them justice and to summarize them for you here.


Lets kick off our forecast with a vision toward a non Eurocentric design focus. We are opening our doors to Moroccan, Balinese, Vietnamese & African concepts. We've learned to collect only what we want and truly love, because we might get stuck with it. We will start to see a bigger focus on black cultures, feng shui and more gender-neutral options for everyday decor and special spaces like nurseries.

The Baby Hamper Company

A push for more eco-friendly habits is changing how we live. We will start to rehab vs waste, purchases of more sustainably produced products will be big as we focus on conscious consumption and our impact on the planet.

Home is where our heart is but now more than ever, it's also where we work and go to school. Decor that's visually appealing on video conference calls is suddenly important, as are painted & textured walls. Functional furniture that's versatile for more than one purpose becomes essential and storage is bigger than ever before. Home theaters and coffee stations also have new meaning as we spend more time at home.


Research on garden rooms (up 104%) and growing your own indoor gardens (up 223%) are showing that we are looking to nurture ourselves with nature. House plants have been a big trend for ages. Today, the indoor jungle booms. But as the human connection to the outside world grows, people are realizing that beautiful botanicals don’t always have to be real. Faux plants and florals are more realistic than ever. Dried palms, pampas grasses and wheat are a great way to bridge the gap.

Dear Designer

We are seeking new easy habits to deal with anxiety, stress and burnout. You might choose an at home workout, journaling or a dance through the kitchen. I don't know about you but our kitchen has always been made for dancing, it just has a bigger purpose today.

Home Bunch

Sherwin Williams has released it's color mix forecast for the year ahead & just this week they release their color of the year.  Drum roll please......Urbane Bronze (shown above) is the 2021 Color of the year. Tap into nature with a hue whose warmth and comfort breathe down-to-earth tranquility. Blue isn't going anywhere as it still prevails. Textured walls are going to be everywhere. What does this mean?

Madsen Remodeling 

This is definitely one of the most notable interior design trends 2021. Nature plays a big part in this story. Stone and marble wallpaper designs, wooden beams and wall panels are ambience-altering. They're typically easy to achieve, whether you hang a fur wall mural or create a board and batten accent wall (shown above), the cost & effort are minimal.

Anything that connects us to nature gets the thumbs up both in 2020 and in the year to come. Wicker, rattan, sisal and silk remain huge. Raw, untreated woods will also continue their appearance. Enjoy the end of 2020, I know most of us are ready for a new year and a new beginning but I have to believe there's still some beauty left in the year we're in.

Cover Photo - Lindsey Brooke Design