Must Have Decor For Spring & Beyond

Spring has arrived, and as the weather in Iowa is turning to sunshine and warm breezes. It’s the perfect time for Spring activities like cleaning, organizing, and of course redecorating!

I always recommend Sprucing up your home for Spring. Not only is it a fun activity, it can boost your mood. Redecorating doesn't automatically mean dollar signs either … the key is in building a good foundation that consists of items that easily transition from season to season.

Here are my 10 must have decor essentials:

  1. Wooden Accent Pieces - Risers, Trays, Cutting Boards & Bowls are always a great staple and transition through every season. 
  2. Books - Large Coffee Table Books, smaller Hard Cover Books & even pretty Notebooks add beautiful texture and often needed elevation to your decor.
  3. Neutral Vases and Vessels.
  4. Lanterns & Candle Holders.
  5. Pillow Inserts.
  6. Greenery - Orbs, Branches and Sticks.
  7. Baskets - For Storage & Display.
  8. Neutral Photo Frames - For Printables and Art.
  9. Quality Rugs.
  10. Mirrors.

If you invest in the basics, your home only needs these 5 items to look fresh for Spring!

Here are my must haves for Spring:

  1. Spring Scented Candles - As someone who burns candles every day, I can tell you they are a quick and inexpensive way to freshen up a space! Not only do they smell great when they're burning, they also add a subtle scent all day long.
  2. Faux Florals - Faux flowers have come a long way and while they might be expensive upfront, you can store them and decorate with them every year! Simple arrangements in a neutral vase are an instant Spring Spruce Up!
  3. Printables & Artwork - One of the easiest and best Spring updates has to be artwork! With $15 - $20 pdf printables or your own photos you can update a space for little to nothing. Look for pieces that are unique and invoke a warm seasonal vibe, if you choose carefully they'll look great until Fall.
  4. Throw Pillows/Covers - If you're like me, you're pillow obsessed.  I've recently started purchasing pillow covers instead of an entire pillow; I simply replace the insert. Covers store easily in a linen closet and take up far less space.
  5. Throw Blankets - Whether they're casually thrown on a bed, couch, or chair throws are any easy way to add texture and feel to a room! They can be purposefully styled in a basket, on a blanket ladder or hung from a hook to add additional style to a space. Choose a neutral and light weave for warmer months. Turkish cotton throws and towels are my favorite for Spring & Summer.
Here's to you and here's to Spring my beautiful friends. I hope you enjoy your fresh, clean and organized spaces this season.