My Obsession.......Pillows!!!

This week we are talking about my obsession.....Pillows!!! I will apologize now for this obsession of mine; for those of you following from the beginning you know we've talked pillows before.  This time, however, we are taking a spin on the subject and we are talking about Fabrics.

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When you dress yourself for the season or for the weather you wear different fabrics for each.  A Big Warm sweater for Winter is much more appropriate than a Linen Sundress, right?!?!? Your home is no different. For example I have these really fun ivory faux fur pillows that I put on my sofa for Fall/Winter but they aren't very appropriate for Spring/Summer.  It's time for them to go!  It's also time to bring the more "Season" appropriate Spring/Summer fabrics of Linen, Tweed, Cotton, Silk etc. back into the living room. I'm guessing at this point you're following my little rant about fabric and choices for the Season....I mentioned it's an obsession. Before we move on to the pretty part of this blog lets talk about what's inside the pillow. Higher quality pillows are often filled with down (feathers), it's what gives them that nice dip in the middle and it's what helps them keep their form. A less expensive but functional option is a Polly fill. This is a lighter weight option and it still works well.  Some fillers are a mix because Down can get really heavy and the mix gives you the best of both worlds.

Pom pom throw—made by adorning an Eivor throw from Ikea with hand made pom poms.

Ok, so lets start with the basics. You need a large anchor pillow or two (mine are 20"X20") and it's easiest if they're Neutral in pattern/texture because the next set of pillows that sit in front of them are often a pattern that coordinates with the anchor pillow but is more of an accent (this is where your Pop of Color comes from). This isn't a steadfast rule but it's an easy way to mix and match without getting overwhelmed by mixing patterns. My secondary pillows are 16"X16". Then there's that Really Special Accent Pillow. 

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Accent Pillows are where it's at.....You can have a couple of Cotton, Linen or Moroccan pillows as your secondary pillows and then add a Super Fun seasonal pillow to the middle of your grouping. These pillows can be embellished with gems, they can say something quirky about the season or your favorite things. They're usually your smallest pillow in your arrangement but they're the most special too. My favorite right now are Zip Code and Longitude & Latitude Pillows of someplace special to you. We've added several fun options to the store this week that fit this theme. Please visit Spruced Surroundings to see the fun pillows we've added.

Have a Super Fun week!

Cheers my friends xoxo

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