Spruced Up Displays With Faux Florals

Hey friends, we all love fresh flowers in our home but the $$$ can add up week to week....it's unfortunate, I know! The thing is NO ONE wants ugly faux flowers either. There's a compromise...Awesome faux stems that you can arrange yourself. Now, don't give up on real but swap faux for real when it suits you.  Here's how.

In this blog post I'm including ideas from Pinterest to inspire you. If you haven't visited our Pinterest page I encourage you to.  We have tons of awesome ideas we've found and you can see some of our goodies there too.  Here's the link Spruced Surroundings.

   Simple and romantic, our faux dogwood blossoms look freshly gathered from the garden. Brighten up your desk at work or place in bathroom to liven up the wallpaper.  The glass decanter vase gives the illusion of water.  17"W, 12"D, 15"T.

Back to Faux Floral arranging....What do you need?

* An Idea (Pinterest)

* Vase, Crate, Pitcher, Bottle

* Floral Foam, Rocks, Pine Cones, Broken Glass, Marbles or Newspaper

* 3-5 Faux Floral Stems

* 1-3 Greenery Stems or Sticks

* Wire Cutters (tin snips or strong scissors work too)

* Floral Wire &/or Tape (floral tape is perfect but scotch tape is equally good)

Choose your container and start by building your base. What's a base, it's the "Stuff" at the bottom that holds your stems in placed or hides the bottom of the stems. If you have a container you can't see through use whatever you have handy that doesn't cost much (newspaper); if you have a see through container choose a base that's appropriately decorative for your space and arrangement. I listed a few ideas above.  You can even buy Fake Water (crazy right???). Next use my favorite arrangement hack...tape in a grid form at the top of your vase (assuming it's a wide topped vase) to hold your stems in place.

   DIY Faux Flower Bouquet with a high-end look on a budget. Tips, ideas, inspiration and tutorial on how to make a simple, realistic flower arrangement to display as a table centrepiece. A beautiful home decor floral design for your interior. Made with yellow and pink stems. #fauxflowerdispay #fauxflowers #bouquet #diyhomedecor   Tall tropical flower arrangement. Composition of monstera leaves, birds of paradise, green dendrobium orchids, calla lilies, and curly willow in an accent decor vase.

Now it's time for the fun part....take your largest flowers first and evenly space them. Next fill in the gaps with sticks &/or greenery. Once your spaces are filled it's time to fluff and bend those stems to make the arrangement look real. Very few stems are perfectly straight, so twist and bend them up a bit.  The look is much more real looking and you'll feel so "artsy" you will want to share it with Facebook, Instagram or whatever your preferred form of social media is.

   rustic inspiration entrance table  Silk Philodendron Leaf Accent

Now this was pretty simple and it can get much more extravagant if you choose but here's to a beautiful start!!!

Photos Courtesy of Pinterest.