Sprucing Up Your Dresser and Night Stands

Hey Friends - another crazy but fun week here in our home. Track, Soccer and Basketball fill our days along with Spring Cleaning and of course our Jobs. So who has time to Spruce Up your Dresser and Night Stands??? You're all laughing at me right now aren't you? 

Think of it as Spring Cleaning for your Master Bedroom.  I really don't like cleaning but de-cluttering and decorating go hand in hand if you want them to.  I just did both because your Master Bedroom really should be an oasis from the crazy. Unfortunately for most of us it ends up being the last place we decorate and it's usually the place that collects all of the stuff we don't know what to do with or are trying to hide from guests. For me, my dresser was cluttered with missing socks, dog bones, a jersey that needs to be washed and a book I fully intend on reading.

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Those things have all found a new home because this week my goal was to find decor that makes our Master Bedroom a little more peaceful. I started with my dresser because it's the largest flat surface in our room.  We have a TV above our dresser so I had to work around that. If you are blessed to not have a TV, a mirror or piece of art is the perfect thing to hang over your dresser. Next for the dresser itself, find a few items that feel tranquil or match your decor. I love candles, greenery and flowers, hardcover books, small decorative jars, small trays (to hold that TV remote) and photo frames. Simple odd number groupings are best.

   Bedroom dresser, lamp, art, decor | Interior Designer: Carla Aston / Photographer: Tori Aston

Moving on to Night Stands.  Every night stand should have a couple of things....one, a lamp and two a clock or a charger for your phone. We unfortunately all have to get up in the morning. So, how do you work with those things? Decorate around them and make them pretty. I had a couple of lamps that weren't the same and didn't necessarily look good together but to make them look like they had a plan I added coordinated lamp shades. As I did on my dresser I added a picture frame to each night stand and something special to each Kyle and I. It's often nice to have a small decorative tray or bowl to catch jewelry, glasses etc as you crawl into bed as well. I've included several ideas in this blog as well as on our Pinterest Page

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My goal for you this week is to make your Master Bedroom an Oasis from the crazy in your life. We will talk textiles in another blog, so for now just tackle the flat surfaces......little by little my friends.

Have an awesome weekend!!!


Photos Courtesy of Pinterest.