Sprucing Up Your Front Entry

Hey Friends......it's been a couple of weeks!  Las Vegas Market was incredible.  We have so many awesome new items and a few new incredible vendors to work with.  Stay Tuned.....you'll be glad you did.  This week we are going to tackle Sprucing Up your Front Entry.  We will stay in doors for now, since it's FREEZING cold out. So, we are talking about that space inside your front door where your guests get their first impression of your decorating style (you have a style......we all do......just call it eclectic if you don't know what it is). So my friends, lets make a WOW statement!

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What does this space consist of? For most of us, it's a good sized Rug where kids, guests & friends hopefully take their shoes off or at least wipe their feet.  It often has a bench, stool or chair for removing and putting those shoes back on.  If you have room a table is a nice touch. It allows for decorative fun and a place for keys, gloves, a handbag etc......you get the point! Space is everything and again if you have it, a coat rack or hooks are awesome in this space.  I'm currently missing this piece but you can always make a chair or railing work.....right?!?!?!

Moving on to the the FUN stuff, the Decor!!!  There are SO MANY cool ideas out there.  Believe me.....I've been looking!  I've included a few ideas in this blog and I'll be providing sets of items in the upcoming week that work well together to help you make your front entry rock with little effort!

I like the round mirror, and the mauve lamp shade     Dimples and Tangles: SWEET SATURDAY #18

A welcome sign or pillow are a nice touch.  I saw a lot of both at market.  We are currently offering custom Coordinate and Zip Code pillows through February 19. These would be perfect in your front entry.  Adding a lamp to the table I mentioned is a great touch as is a candle and a small clock......yes, with batteries that work (mine are always dead....ha ha).  A mirror above the table will allow you and your guests to look your best as you run off to your next adventure.

Pinterest Sofi Cedillo     ADDING AN UPHOLSTERED CHAIR TO THE FOYER- breaking the decorating rules and opting for comfort-stonegableblog.com

You can leave your space simple with clean lines, think transitional. You can add baskets and flowers if you're more "Farmhouse" at heart.  Check out Spruced Up Entry on my Spruced Surroundings Pinterest Page for even more ideas. Until next time.......Cheers!!!