Sprucing Up Your Front Porch is SO Easy

Hey friends!  I hope your week is bright and cheerful. Over the last week I've been busy Sprucing Up our outdoor living spaces. This week I'm featuring our front porch as a topic of discussion.  We've had our hands full, robins have been building nests in my front door wreath (I removed the wreath long enough for them to build their nest someplace else on my front porch.....ugh), we've had to power wash the porch because Winter is mean and dirty, finally I had to dig out a dead shrub that didn't make it due to Mother Nature (picture me looking like a lumberjack digging and chopping roots....feel free to laugh, it was pretty funny!) Then, last but not least, we got to move on to the FUN part.....Flowers and Decorating!

Gorgeous Farmhouse Front Porch | Finding Home Farms

To make the project more fun I enlisted the help of our kiddos. I love planting flowers with the kids and they actually seem to still like it even though they're getting older (teenagers....yikes!). So the good news is, we have a welcoming front porch.  As a Realtor I'll tell you how important the front entry to your home is.  It's everyone's first impression of your home.....so it matters, a lot. Spend a little time on yours this Spring, you'll be glad you did.

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The first step is removing any leftover Winter decor (you know who you are....it's ok), the second step is cleaning (not fun but worth it) and then add back anything you love that makes you smile when you drive by your home. I love a few pots of fresh flowers, a pillow or two on my chairs and a new rug always looks great.  Candles and pottery are an awesome touch too. It doesn't take a lot, just remember it's an outdoor living space.  A  place to read a book, watch the kids play or have a drink with neighbors. 

I love this front porch! Everything about it looks comfy enough for some coffee and chit chat.

I've included several ideas in this post and I've included several others on the Spruced Surroundings Pinterest Board as well. Just remember, once you've done the work of sprucing up your space please use it, enjoy it and make some old fashioned front porch memories. You'll be so happy you did!

Cheers to a great Spring week and to you my friends!

Photos Courtesy of Pinterest.