Sprucing Up Your Kitchen

Cheers to you my friends! I hope your week is off to an incredible start. This week's blog post is all about Sprucing Up Your Kitchen. We've talked about Sprucing Up your Table and Centerpiece (much of that applies here too......but it's SO MUCH MORE!) It's more than functional appliances too; although, I do love me a fancy espresso machine......because Coffee is Always a Good Idea!

Light wood, white range hood, wood cabinets marble island top and sides, modern dark wood stools, white subway tile dark grout. Nam Dang Mitchell

There are many ways to add style to your kitchen without a whole kitchen remodel.  As a girl who loves to cook I can tell you that kitchen storage, utility (the olive oil & wine bottles need a home right???) and pretty things all belong in a space where you spend most of your time. Pretty things make us happy.....we must have pretty!!!

I'm including several Pinterest photos in this blog along with photos of my own kitchen to inspire you. Yes, the Pinterest photos are WAY better! The ideas, however, are the same.  Trays, pottery, greenery, candles & fun storage options add so much. 

I get a lot of questions about the tiered stand in our kitchen. Unfortunately, it’s no longer available, which I don’t understand because it’s beautiful. I thought I’d share some other tiered stand options for those of you on the lookout for one. These tiered stands are great because you can style them a billion different …   ZDesign At Home: 3 Simple Tips for Styling Your Kitchen Island

I'm in love with tiered stands, wine racks and bright colors.  Spice up your displays with real herbs.....it doesn't take a green thumb, just a little water and a dab of daylight. I love to use fresh herbs on any meat, in any soup or stew or pretty much any meal I cook (fresh basil on a frozen pizza makes it seem a little gourmet....right?!?!). If real herbs seem like too much, no worries. There are several silk/faux options that are absolutely perfect.


When visiting storage options we can talk about glass canisters to store dry goods (flour, sugar, coffee and the all important cookies) clear printed labels make them stylish. Other fun and of course attractive storage ideas include wine racks, baskets and shelves with hooks/hanging mechanisms. Add these cool shelves under your cabinets or a near by vacant wall. Wine racks can hang on that awkward end cabinet or there are beautifully designed pieces that sit on a counter top or on a buffet.  Phone charging stations have become very common place and there are several ways to get this off the counter and on to a shelf or rack so save space and stay organized. A dry erase board with daily planner help many of you function as do calendars and menu planners.....all of these come in stylish forms.  Think chalkboards, metal boards with funny sayings and boards with butcher paper rolls for making notes. 

Hometalk | 11 Genius Organizing Hacks for the Most "Type A" Person in Your Life   10 Ways to Use Wasted Space on the Side of Your Cabinets - some great ideas here, from wine racks to cook book storage

I hope this week's blog inspires you to spruce up your kitchen.  My goal for you this week is to try a tiered stand on your island or buffet. Stock it with some fresh fruit and include an herb of your choice.  You'll be happy you did! I've included several items at www.sprucedsurroundings.com that will work great for whatever your Kitchen project is.  I have a few more pieces I'll be adding today as well.  Happy Shopping and Have an awesome weekend!

 Several Photos Courtesy of Pinterest. Two are mine :)