Sprucing Up Your Mantel For Spring

This week's focus is on my mantel......well, it's actually about your mantel but you've probably noticed I've been sprucing up around my house too. I don't know about you but some things just get left behind.  My mantel was one of those things.  I found something that worked and I just let it do it's thing without any love.  Problem being it's the focal point of our home.  I have to tell you, I spruced it up two days ago and EVERY time I look at it I smile because I love the slight changes. Here is my spruced up mantel.

To decorate a mantel there are a few key components.  The wall behind the mantel comes FIRST. Some of you have a TV here, which works great but if that isn't the case in your home choose from some creative art work, a mirror (or two), a clock or even a farmhouse window. I have a large photo I had printed on a canvas. This is a really important piece for me because it reminds me of the lake I grew up on, the river I fished on with my Grandma and the water I seek out to feel at peace. If you can, you should add special touches that remind you of the people and things you love. It makes your home feel that much more special.

 It's time to redecorate for spring! Love this fresh and inviting spring living room! See more on http://ablissfulnest.com/ #springdecorating #livingroom over the fireplace in the bar

SECOND, it's important to consider illumination; candles absolutely hit a home run here. They're gorgeous at night when they're lit and they offer great texture even when they aren't lit. This leads me to a fun point, playing with different heights. Depending on your style you can really go wild if you want. I'm a little more traditional, in that I need balance for the look to feel right. You'll notice I placed two large candle sticks on both sides of my mantel to create that balance.

THIRD, this is the point where you add your accessories. Create a theme for your accessories; the theme can fit the season, a holiday or it can be multi-seasonal. My theme is Spring/Summer (I likely won't redecorate it until Fall). I've included several photos to help with style. If you are working with a TV on your wall, candles on the ends of the mantel usually work best and something low in the middle is best.....yes, you can still decorate around that TV! To avoid fights, don't block the remote sensor with a candle (just sayin.....I've been there.....Oops!)

      Mantel with tv above done well       Decorating a Mantel with a TV Above - Meadow Lake Road

Back to those of you without TVs to work around, remember to layer art, photos & mirrors.  Make sure there's a variety of texture (wood, metal, greenery, glass, shiny, flat etc.) and create movement with differing heights.  Visual weight comes into play if you want balance (this is me). If all of this is making your head spin, send us a picture via Facebook Messenger of your mantel, the measurements and your accessories. We'll happily give you a few tips.      

Spring Home Tour! See this beautiful home and family room decorated for Spring. Leather club chairs, indigo blue accents, garden stool end table and Spring mantel decor. Get the look - see the shopping sources and design ideas!  Fireplace

My goal for you this week is to rearrange your mantel.  Maybe add a little color to brighten it up. Add a new photo and frame (just to make you smile). I've added some fun items to www.SprucedSurroundings.com and I'll be adding more throughout the week to help you create a focal point that makes you smile. If you're enjoying our Blog Posts please go to our store and click Subscribe so you don't miss out.

Cheers my friends!

Photos Courtesy of Pinterest. One is mine :)