Decor Styles & Trends For The New Year & Beyond

Happy New Year! 2020 is going to be a fun year in decor & design. We're kicking off a new decade & I know you'll love what's in store. I've spent a couple of months researching stylists predictions. Remember these are predictions & trends that can be included/excluded & incorporated into your home in numerous ways. Before we get started, let's define a couple of terms:

TREND: A general direction in which something is developing or changing. It's also considered the latest style of popular culture. 

PREDICTION: A forecast for things to come. Usually based upon experience or knowledge.

I'm so excited, let's have some fun!!!

First, the easiest prediction - Color! Sherwin Williams introduced Naval as it's 2020 Color Of The Year. Each paint company & color matching company, like Pantone, are going with warm blue tones. Not your Mother's country blue but a color that's very easy to incorporate into your decor. How do you use it? The sky is the limit. Think open cabinets, built-ins, accent pillows, accent walls, throws, lamps, rugs or even furniture. To make it easy, each of the paint companies have incorporated accompanying colors. These colors coordinate well together. I'm seeing Warmer Whites like oatmeal, natural buff & sand as neutrals. Gray & Bright White are still popular but they've been here for a while & they're starting to transition out. For those of you who just painted your entire interior gray, don't sweat it! Just start incorporating warmer tones with your textiles or art that mix with gray.

Stain companies also get in on the prediction game. Natural colored woods are being seen everywhere, including floors & ceilings.  I'm seeing a trend away from white shiplap toward a more natural stile of woodwork. You'll notice "Natural" throughout this blog post as it's seen in so many of the trends.

Next, lets talk trends in Style. This is one topic I'm truly excited & curious about.  I personally find joy in all styles which is why I'm a true eclectic. I can't help it! What I am seeing is a trend toward Global Essence, which is a diverse celebration of globally inspired patterns & styling. Scandinavian, Japanese & Middle Eastern influences are all popular with a mix of Boho & Contemporary accents. The trend takes homes on a journey of global eclecticism.  What does this mean for real life decor?

  • Mix patterns of Paisley, Indian Block Print & Ikat. The easiest way to do this is with pillows, rugs, throws & accent furniture.
  • Hand dyed textiles in rich earthy pigments work beautifully & mix well with the above trend. Think Ivory & Caramel.
  • Hand thrown pottery in different shapes, patterns & colors will be the new standard.
  • Tassels, pompoms & macrame are popular choices for pillows, curtains & walls.
  • Wicker, rattan & sisal have reemerged. They make great furniture, storage & rug choices. I'll go much deeper into this aspect in my Facebook & Instagram posts. We're talking vases, baskets, place mats & lighting. All of which are great ways to incorporate this global feel.
  • Geometric design has been showing itself for a bit and it isn't leaving (at least not this year). There's still a major love affair. Think wallpaper, lighting & accents.
  • Velvet is luxurious & it's back in a big way! It tried to catch trend last year but it sort of failed in decor due to the chippy rustic farmhouse looks. Designers love it & it's had a do-over. I'm seeing a more casual velvet in lumbar pillows (with!), round cushions, poofs, ottomans, chairs & even magazine racks. 

With any of these trends, unless you LOVE it, don't go overboard with it. Stick with me on Instagram & Facebook for tips & tricks. 

The basic idea is simple: Mix & match a little of all of it or just the trends you love the most.  It's YOUR eclectic style.....and that's what's "in-style". You could add an Indian Block Print rug to a room with a caramel sofa & a chair with a geometric print. Spice it up with dried palms in a glass vase & add velvet pillows. 

You could also add a geometric vase or light to a space that includes a wicker chair & a paisley rug. Add a mix of pillows & throws in similar colors but different patterns & you're instantly styled.

Still not catching this style vibe, but wanting to be on trend? Take it outdoors or to your sun room or porch. These spaces are always less formal & make it easy to incorporate this year's styles & trends.

Have fun with decor this year & make it yours. I'm always here to help. Are you looking for something specific? Message me about it.  I may not have it in stock but I likely have access to it.

Photos sourced from Pinterest.