Summer Party Season!!!

If it Looks like Summer, Feels like Summer and You want it to BE Summer - It's Summer!!! One of my favorite things to do in the Summer is to throw an impromptu party with friends.....but sometimes the party you throw actually takes some planning.  I'm getting ready to host my first EVER Spruced Surroundings Open House.  I want to make it Fun..... so I'm planning to serve some great food, punch and wine (because what's a party without these three things???). I'm planning to display the store's goodies throughout my main floor (think Cash and Carry) and I'm working on a drawing (games are always a good idea). It should be a fun event! Planning brought me down memory lane to some of my favorite parties I've been to or hosted. I'm sharing some tips and tricks with you this week.

   For non alcohol drinks.

So, as you start to plan your Summer Party - Make a List (or three). I'm a Checklist Girl so a list of what to buy is obviously important in my mind, as is a list of things to prep (and when) and then a list of who is bringing what. To make your life easy Potlucks are the best way to Party. Here's a list from Pinterest that's quite helpful.

   Don’t bring out the barbecue only to find you forgot to pick up propane. Make your summer party a success by downloading our printable summer BBQ checklist, brought to you by KIKKOMAN®. Just print one out before you start shopping, then check off items as you go. Summer BBQ Shopping List by Evite for Kikkoman

This list is obviously perfect for a BBQ Theme but there are numerous Summer Party ideas.  Determining "Adult" vs "Family" themed is sometimes an important thing to think about.  The theme will help you determine the decorations and the type of tableware to use.  Paper is easiest but think about the food you're serving (eating steak from a paper plate is challenge) also think about the drinks you're serving (punch from a plastic cup is great but wine from a paper cup isn't).

   White, red, pink, or slushy...we have you covered with these easy sangria recipes, perfect for summer!

I'm sharing this idea because it comes from one of the favorite parties I've ever hosted.  A year or two ago we hosted a Basic Summer BBQ but to kick it up a notch we had a Sangria Competition (the list above says you're suppose to have games.....this was my idea of a great game!!!) We provided the burgers, buns, condiments etc while our friends brought chips, salads, dessert etc. The fun came when everyone was asked to bring their take on Sangria. We did a taste testing throughout the night and the winner went home with a Prize! The above photo came from our Pinterest page (I pinned it so you could use it for your Summer fun....I know I plan to).

Here are a few of my favorite tips.....Buy more ice than you think you'll need, make tables out of anything flat (it doesn't matter how ugly it is, so long as it doesn't smell) just add a table cloth or blanket to cover it.  Chairs only matter if the table is taller, make your tables low and sit on blankets, pillows anything soft. Burn candles to dress up the occasion and keep the bugs away. Music is important.....once dinner is over another game we love to play is the Alphabet Game. Play your favorite Song or Artist starting with letters A through Z; take turns. It's hours of fun and each person gets to play a favorite song at some point in the night. Bonus - you don't have to make a playlist.

Enjoy your Summer Friends. Until next time.....Cheers!!!

All photos from Pinterest