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2021 Home Decor Trends

In October I talked about the future of home and all of those points hold true to this post.....the difference, this post hits on details. The biggest trend, we are staying home and we simply want things we didn't know we wanted before. The number of home improvement projects is up in a big way. Whether you hire it done or DIY, where do you start? I start with color, followed by a mood board or a Pinterest board or both because that's how I roll! Color: Dare I say it, beige is BACK! Maybe not quite like it was in the decades before now but you will be seeing more and more beige making it’s way back into homes....

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Add A Little Twinkle To Your Winter Decor

Don't let January dull your sparkle. Most of my friends agree that this coming Winter, in particular, needs a little sparkle. Should the tree come down, yes. Should the stockings be tucked away, for sure but you can still add life to your Winter decor with a few easy tips. This month I'm showcasing the beautiful home of my friend Aubrey from The Altered Abode. Her Duluth, MN home is incredibly welcoming and comfortable. Let's get started! Start With A Clean Slate - Remove Santas, red everything, signs and anything that screams Christmas. Purge, organize and simplify (nothing feels better). Get rid of or donate the ornaments, wreaths & decor you know you'll never use again. Box like colored Christmas items...

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Looking Ahead At The Future Of Home

This has been a tumultuous year!  Am I right or am I right?!?! From a pandemic that locked us down, to riots that showed us we can love our black friends but "black lives matter" is bigger. Gender identity, equality and acknowledgment are a focus of attention. We've witnessed several once in a lifetime, catastrophic storms and fires that have changed our landscape for a very long time. How does this influence home design, decor and lifestyle trends for the future? I'm entrusting in some of the big guns in the industry to bring the details home to you. Sherwin Williams is my paint expert, Pinterest, The Italian Bark and Melissa Penfold are my industry experts. They have already shared their...

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