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Centerpiece Tips & Tricks

You are the builder of your future & if your future includes a new centerpiece I'm here to help! I recently posted a question about centerpieces. "Do you prefer centerpieces that are one sided (meaning they look great from the front but not the back) vs a circular display that's styled from all sides". I'm tackling the question head on in this blog post. The key to choosing which type of display works best is based on the table you're styling & it's location. Dining room tables, coffee tables, some sofa tables & some end tables are viewed from all sides & should look good from all sides. If your display backs up to a wall - you're golden & a one...

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Centerpieces Made Easy

Those who know me (or have read the about us page.....hint hint) know we live a VERY busy life with 5 kids who participate in what feels like EVERYTHING!  Don't get me wrong, we love that they're busy but this means we cherish family dinners even more (they usually happen on Sundays or on snow days when school events are cancelled).  I honestly try to cook healthy meals and when given the chance I try to make them special.  What does this have to do with Centerpieces (ha ha......not a lot). So here's the deal, our dining room table is BIG and Round.  I had the challenge of creating a centerpiece that fit the space, was pretty and was easy...

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