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2021 Christmas Trends

I've done the research and the digging so you don't have to. Here's what to expect in the season ahead! To no surprise the big players will still be playing this holiday season and I'm not talking about Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady. I'm talking about going back to old family traditions. I'm also talking about a blizzard along with sparkle galore. TRADITION The traditional Red, Green and White color palette is popular in a big way for 2021. Do you have collections like cookie cutters, a Christmas village or Santas? This year is for you! These items are being used in different ways, here are a few ideas: Tie your collection of Santas or Snowmen into a tree. Add cookie cutters to...

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Enjoy The Twinkle A Little Longer

With only a month between Thanksgiving and Christmas, you'll notice many of us are "Fall-ing" into Christmas early. That doesn't mean we're skipping Thanksgiving, it just means it's going to have a twinkling light vibe. Transitioning is more of a gradual change from seasons. If decorating for Christmas stresses you out, this is totally for you. No Christmas "throw-up" all over your house; it's a simple transition that will allow you to enjoy the Christmas season just a little bit longer. Let's get started - First - as soon as Halloween is over remove your jack o'lanterns, bats & witches hats. Tuck the reusable items away and pitch the obviously expired ones. Keep your solid, un-carved pumpkins as decor for a bit...

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