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What Does Your Coffee Table Say About You?!?!

Did you know there's a piece of furniture in your home that says a lot about who you are. You walk past it every day; you likely use it every day. It sits in the middle of your home, you and your friends gather around it. It holds pizza & popcorn; it sometimes actually holds coffee & it paints a picture of you are. What am I talking about? It's of course, your coffee table. The way you decorate & keep your coffee table, says a lot about you as a person. How? Lets have some fun and explore the ways! According to my friends at Apartment Therapy: If It’s Always Neat - You’re likely a perfectionist, and you believe that everything in...

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Pull A Room Together With This Best Kept Secret + Five Design Terms You Need To Know

You've spent weeks analyzing paint chips, you shopped for just the right pieces of furniture & lighting to create an attractive room but something is off. The biggest not so secret, secret in home decorating is our first design term .... TEXTURE! Texture - When designers talk about texture, they're talking about the surface quality of a material. Every surface has a texture whether it be smooth or rough, bumpy or flat. Texture can be both seen & felt. By my definition, texture is how something feels by sight and we really don’t even have to touch it to feel it. Textures can be furry, silky, shiny, smooth, hard, soft, rough, downy, chunky, ragged .… you get what I'm talking about! We can add...

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