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Enjoy The Twinkle A Little Longer

With only a month between Thanksgiving and Christmas, you'll notice many of us are "Fall-ing" into Christmas early. That doesn't mean we're skipping Thanksgiving, it just means it's going to have a twinkling light vibe. Transitioning is more of a gradual change from seasons. If decorating for Christmas stresses you out, this is totally for you. No Christmas "throw-up" all over your house; it's a simple transition that will allow you to enjoy the Christmas season just a little bit longer. Let's get started - First - as soon as Halloween is over remove your jack o'lanterns, bats & witches hats. Tuck the reusable items away and pitch the obviously expired ones. Keep your solid, un-carved pumpkins as decor for a bit...

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Must Have Decor For Spring & Beyond

Spring has arrived, and as the weather in Iowa is turning to sunshine and warm breezes. It’s the perfect time for Spring activities like cleaning, organizing, and of course redecorating! I always recommend Sprucing up your home for Spring. Not only is it a fun activity, it can boost your mood. Redecorating doesn't automatically mean dollar signs either … the key is in building a good foundation that consists of items that easily transition from season to season. Here are my 10 must have decor essentials: Wooden Accent Pieces - Risers, Trays, Cutting Boards & Bowls are always a great staple and transition through every season.  Books - Large Coffee Table Books, smaller Hard Cover Books & even pretty Notebooks add beautiful texture and often needed elevation...

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Transitioning Your Decor From Summer to Fall

  If you were with me last Fall, you'll remember I transitioned my home from Fall to Christmas. We had twinkling lights for Thanksgiving and Christmas slowly emerged over time. I love how this form of decorating was gradual and truly enjoyable.  This year I'm transitioning from Summer to Fall in the same manner. What is transitioning? It's more of a gradual change from seasons. Instead of Fall appearing in one day it appears gradually over time. The trend across the pond and finally emerging in the US is bringing the outdoors in.  My friend Ellen from @featherglass has been doing this forever and does it better than anyone. I'm showcasing her home in this blog post to show you...

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