The Greatest Gift You Can Give Is Time

If the greatest gift you can give someone is your it possible that the greatest gift you can give your home is a clock? Ha's probably not the same but it's a fun idea.  This week's blog is all about clocks. Big Clocks, Small Clocks, Artsy Clocks, Contemporary Clocks, Old Clocks, New Clocks.....yes, the list goes on!

A large clock makes a BIG statement quickly and fills awkward wall spaces easily.  That space above your staircase is a perfect example of a big awkward space that needs something.  If you don't have a TV above your fireplace a really cool large clock might be an excellent choice.  There are so many unique styles to choose from and the price tags vary as much as the styles do.

     ideas to decorate a fireplace with an oversized clock in a living room with a vaulted ceiling     Love these stairs!!

With so many cool clocks to choose from, why limit yourself? Collages are a very on trend way to display many things, including clocks. Take some older clocks that are probably collecting dust in your basement or closet and mix/match them with some new clocks to create a vignette of texture, color & size. Here's an example of the's SO FUN!

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If these ideas are a little much for you, I completely get it. They're a BIG statement but that doesn't mean you can't get creative and add some really cool clocks to your decor.  Place them on a shelf, in your table's centerpiece, next to the sink in your half bath and mix them in with all of the other fun decor you use to make your house a home.  Variety is the spice of life right??? Well, much the same can be said about a fun clock and your home's decor.

     I get a lot of questions on my Instagram feed about how to style built-ins. They are such a great architectural feature to have in a home! I have to admit that when I walk into a house that has built-ins, I get pretty excited about it. They are great for adding interest and coziness to a space...     Cozy Linen Slipcover Loveseat with Overstuffed Pillows

My goal for you this week is to grab a clock and replace a picture frame with it or add it to your picture frames.  Place it on a stack of books or use it as a bookend on that bookshelf you're working to design.  Above are a couple of examples to get you inspired. I've already added a few really cool clocks to the Spruced Surroundings Store and I'll be adding to it throughout the week. Get creative my friends, I know you have it in you.  Until next time Cheers!

Photos Courtesy of Pinterest.