Transitioning From Fall To Christmas

With a short holiday season this year, you'll notice many of us are "Fall-ing" into Christmas early. That doesn't mean we're skipping Thanksgiving, it just means it's going to have a twinkling light vibe.

Transitioning is more of a gradual change from seasons. If decorating for Christmas stresses you out, this might be for you. No Christmas "throw-up" all over your house; it's a simple transition that will allow you to enjoy the Christmas season just a little bit longer.

First - if you haven't, remove Halloween. Jack O'lanterns, bats & witches hats need to be tucked away or pitched. Keep your solid, un-carved pumpkins as decor for a bit longer. I'll likely keep mine until Thanksgiving, so I placed them in my empty pots on front step. Second - Start removing the really Fall items like bright orange pillows, pumpkins & Hello Fall signs. Leave your leaves, acorns & sticks for a bit longer. Third - next week you can start removing Fall wreaths & garlands. If your mums look like mine, they should go too. Your Fall throws & pillows can start to transition out too, especially if they're out of your holiday plan.

You likely have a clean slate at this point. Fourth - You can now start to add items back in that play well for both Thanksgiving & Christmas.

Transitional Decor:

  • Lanterns
  • Boxwood & Moss Orbs
  • Pheasant Feathers
  • Pine Cones & Pine Cone Wreaths
  • Trays, Bowls & Baskets
  • Candle Holders
  • Warm Throws
  • Neutral, Feather, Fur & "Gather" Pillows
  • Gold, Silver, Mercury Ornaments
  • Fairy Lights
  • Antlers
  • Sticks & Faux Pine
  • Faux Snow

What to do with them? Here are a few ideas from my myself & my friend Yvonne at the Stone Gable Blog.

  • Think about using lanterns, candles and chunky candle holders. Put them in your entryway.
  • Sprinkle a little snow on a table and add fairy lights to lanterns. 
  • Fill a bowl with pine cones and metallic Christmas ornaments. Put it on your kitchen table.
  • Use boxwood orbs to top off terracotta or mercury glass pots down the center of your dining room table.
  • Fill a pitcher with pheasant feathers and add to a transitional vignette.
  • Use lots of votives in gold and silver mercury glass votive holders everywhere.
  • Fill a bowl with pine cones and snow and put it on a side table.
  • Fill a dough bowl with pine cones, moss balls and silver Christmas ornaments and place it to your coffee table.
  • Sprinkle pine cones and moss orbs across the center of a table or mantel.
  • Fill glass cylinders… one with metallic balls, one with pine cones, one with pheasant feathers and one with snow… group on a buffet.
  • Hang small boxwood wreaths on pretty ribbons over windows.
  • Add a white creamer with pheasant feather and greens to your nightstand.
  • Add neutral & feather pillows to your sofa, chairs and bed.

Transitioning is well on it's way. Fifth - It's now a week or two before Thanksgiving. I'm ready to start adding more "Christmas" to my decor. My tree is going up; simple white, metallic & mercury ornaments are adorning it. The second Thanksgiving is over, I'll add the bright reds & greens to my decor but most of the work is done.  I'm enjoying the twinkle of fairy lights & even my tree a little bit longer but I also feel like I've been true to the month of Thanks as well.

Wishing you a happy transition from Thanksgiving to Christmas!