Transitioning Your Decor From Summer to Fall


If you were with me last Fall, you'll remember I transitioned my home from Fall to Christmas. We had twinkling lights for Thanksgiving and Christmas slowly emerged over time. I love how this form of decorating was gradual and truly enjoyable.  This year I'm transitioning from Summer to Fall in the same manner.

What is transitioning? It's more of a gradual change from seasons. Instead of Fall appearing in one day it appears gradually over time.

The trend across the pond and finally emerging in the US is bringing the outdoors in.  My friend Ellen from @featherglass has been doing this forever and does it better than anyone. I'm showcasing her home in this blog post to show you how inexpensively & beautifully you can transition to Fall.


Phase One -

Change your accent colors.  August & September are a great time for Phase One. If you've been watching me, I removed the Red, White & Blues of early Summer and I've started replacing them with warmer tones. Dark blue for my home works well. Ellen's home is all white but she warms it with natural elements. I'm loving anything caramel in color. Wheat is hugely popular this year, as is lotus & magnolia. If you love books (like this girl right here) consider changing their cover colors or simply removing the covers all together. It's a simple and inexpensive transition. It's also a great time to bring out some of your favorite Fall scents. I'm burning Hello Fall & Leaves from my boutique's collection of candles (they're amazing).


Phase Two - 

Late September into October temps start to drop if you live in most places in the US or Canada. Cooler weather means it’s time to cozy up! Change out your linen pillows for velvet. Fur easily replaces cotton. Texture is the bomb for Fall. Thickly woven throws, baskets, pottery with beautiful textures & wood are a perfect way to add warmth without having to add "Orange" to make a seasonal change. These items can be really comfy and completely useful when the wind kicks up.

One trending tip here is to avoid matchy matchy pillows. Odd pairings are best. For example take a large fur pillow, place a patterned wool or mudcloth pillow in front of it and add a color coordinated rectangular or round velvet pillow in front of that. Nothing I've mentioned is the same but it all coordinates.

Phase Three - 

Metallics & mercury glass! You may be asking what?? Trust me! You'll thank me as you follow along and start transitioning into Christmas. Late October into November is a great time to add traditional Fall elements but this year, you might want them to be metallic. Pull out those brass & copper relics in the basement. Metallic toned baskets, pumpkins & art are great ways to had a hint of sparkle while maintaining Fall vibes. Anything can become metallic with a can of spray're brainstorming right now aren't you? Turkey sculptures, pine cones, sticks, leaves, palm spears all have an opportunity to become metallic.....we will have a video tutorial on how to do this coming soon.

It's also a great time to change your candles up again (if you're like me, you've probably burnt through them anyway). I'm now enjoying Warm + Cozy & Pumpkin scents.

If metallic isn't your thing, I completely understand. Stick with Ellen on this and continue to bring nature in. A few branches of Maple Leaves are an excellent decor idea. Pampas grass is a beautiful choice again this year. Can't find these items? If you have grasses growing in your flower garden, cut them & bring them in or bring the whole pot in! Stack some logs by the fireplace or put them in a basket. Natural elements are the most inexpensive & beautiful additions to your decor. Faux options also offer an easy and mess free look you can recreate for years.

Are you ready to start your transition to Fall?? Let's get started!