What Does Your Coffee Table Say About You?!?!

Did you know there's a piece of furniture in your home that says a lot about who you are. You walk past it every day; you likely use it every day. It sits in the middle of your home, you and your friends gather around it. It holds pizza & popcorn; it sometimes actually holds coffee & it paints a picture of you are. What am I talking about? It's of course, your coffee table.

The way you decorate & keep your coffee table, says a lot about you as a person. How? Lets have some fun and explore the ways! According to my friends at Apartment Therapy:

If It’s Always Neat -

You’re likely a perfectionist, and you believe that everything in your home has a proper place. Your flawlessly tidy and organized coffee table helps tie the room together, and you’re always ready for when company comes over, even if it’s unexpected. You may also be a minimalist. This is ME....not the minimalist part but all of the rest of it.

If It's Always Messy -

You’re likely a creative person who tends to get caught up in doing projects and going on adventures. At the end of the day, you just don’t have time to worry about whether or not there are crumbs or dust on the table, or if your stuff is neat and organized. You’d rather focus on other, more fun things. Raise your hand, is this you?

You Have Lots Of Candles Or Plants On It -

You likely feel most at peace when everything around you is cozy and fresh. You want your home to be a calming sanctuary, and your coffee table definitely reflects that. It’s tidy (but not too tidy) and covered in artfully arranged naturally scented candles and succulents. Hmmm.....I could easily be this person too!

It’s Covered In Books & Magazines -

You spend most of your time reading and you enjoy talking about books—whether they’re the latest bestsellers or your old read-and-reread favorites. You’re also all about keeping up with the latest trends. By keeping books and magazines out on display, your coffee table is full of conversation starters. I know a few people like this & I admire them, I on the other hand probably just use the books as decor.

If It’s Clean On Top & Messy On The Bottom -

This is basically the mullet of coffee table setups—you’ve got a clean tabletop but storage underneath that’s not organized at all. You prefer your home to look cozy and lived-in; organized enough, but not too much. Your table is also company-ready, but never perfect, and that’s how you like it.

What Coasters Say About You -

If you always use a coaster - You’re likely a planner, and you think a lot about the future. You take great pride in taking care of your things, and you consider everything an investment. You wouldn’t risk a water ring on the table because you’d rather be responsible and save yourself the trouble.

On the flip side, if you’re averse to coasters, it’s not because you don’t care—you’re just more of a spontaneous, risk-taking kind of person. You’d rather deal with an issue later if it arises than worry so much about preventing it now. You live in the moment, and your home reflects that.


Sources: Apartmenttherapy.com - Brittney Morgan

Photos: @briahammelinteriors @spacecrafting_photography