Wreaths.......Not as BORING as it Sounds. Promise!

This week we are talking Wreaths ......Yes, the round things we hang on our front door......but they don't have to only hang on the front door and they can actually be FUN!!!

So, wreaths do typically hang outside your front door.....and they look great there!  On the flip side....there are so many places to incorporate a wreath into your home.  You can hang them on your kitchen window (or any window), you should hang one on a mirror or window frame because the look is incredible and it instantly adds warmth to a wall space.  Ribbon (and a thumb tack) is an excellent way to hang the wreath.  This may sound very "Country" but the style comes more from the Ribbon you choose than the wreath itself.

Boxwood Wreath Tutorial | DIY Home Decor - wreath tutorial - ribbon bow - boxwood diy - tutorial - diy - green wreath - black and white striped ribbon - how to make a wreath - hanging wreathDecorating With Old Windows | Love Decorating! / Love old windows and wreaths on them.By Things That Inspire IMG_0095, via Flickr.

Okay, so when you think wreath do you think green? I do, but there are so many varieties for all styles of looks.  There are burlap, floral and fancy shmancy mesh wreaths. There are round wreaths, square wreaths and wreaths that don't even look like wreaths.....but are.  Check these out!

Welcoming-Home.com Umbrella Wreath, Spring decor, Home Decoration, Easter decor, Front door wreath, wreaths, Front door decoration, Farmhouse style, Farm house decor, DIYBurlap Wreath with Gray Chevron Burlap Bow- Front Door Wreath- Monogram Wreath-Wedding Decoration- Wedding Gift- on Etsy, $57.16 CAD

So my point is, wait for it.........there's nothing boring about a wreath.  Your challenge this week is to think about where or how you might incorporate a wreath into your decor.  

A few tips.....grab a sweet treat or cocktail (you've been denying yourself all month but lets be honest, they say we only have to be good 80% of the time) and kick back:

Tip One: If you haven't, it's time to think about taking that Christmas Wreath down....or at least take the Red Bow off the greenery.  I know, believe me I know, it's hard to decide what to put in it's place.  You could leave it blank until Spring but what fun is that???  You can get one of the burlap wreaths I mentioned or put up a wreath with cotton stems.  This is my new favorite Winter look. Check these looks out!

Primitive Front Door Wreath, Primitive Cotton on Twigs, Primitive Vine. Have some gold painted vines mixed into the wreath and a purple ribbon with lace over it.This Rustic Cotton Ball Wreath made by Judy Forrest is simply beautiful. Do you make wreaths or other handmade items that you would love to sell online? Join ‘Grow With Nancy,’ a FREE FB group where artisans support each other to make better designs, and where they receive tips from the Ladybug Wreaths team on how to market online. Click here to join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/GrowWithNancy #ShowAndTellTuesday #RusticDecor #Wreaths #NancyAlexander #Ladybugwreaths

Tip Two: Get some awesome ribbon and a boxwood or magnolia wreath and play with places to put it.  As I mentioned they're great over a mirror, on a window or chalkboard.  They also look great in a basket with blankets or a picture frame.

farmhouse table, lamp, pillow, storage, diy bench, front door, rug, mirror, flowers, entry way, rustic, modern, farmhouse, hardwood, white, shiplap, mirror, vase, wreath, storage, blankets, plants, lantern, basket vase, kitchen decor, home decor, diy decor, living room, dining room #afflinkLove this for the hallway upstairs!! Gotta find a cool chalkboard or cool vintage frame to make a chalkboard with!

Tip Three: Valentine's Day is a month away.  Add a FUN holiday wreath to the back of a chair you really don't use, hang it on a hook by the front door or prop it up on your mantle.

Polka+Dot+Valentine+WreathShow your love with this sweet wreath! This 18" grapevine wreath is embellished with red, pink and white burlap flowers and a "love" mini banner. **This item is handcrafted to order. Please allow 2-3 days for production**

We have a few awesome wreaths we are offering this week or if you're crafty you can head to your local craft store and have a fun project with the kids.  Whatever you do, ENJOY it! It's all about you. Cheers until next week.

Photos Courtesy of Pinterest.