About US

Welcome to Spruced Surroundings! I’m Kim. This is a treasury of the inspiration and things that make a house a home.  Most people know that the key to turning a house into a home is love and that’s true but there’s a bit more to it.  It’s also the things that make your living space a comfortable place to relax at the end of the day and to my husband's dismay it’s pillows……really pretty pillows help too.

I’m the Captain of our crazy busy family.  My incredible husband and I have (we hope) successfully blended a family of five kids…..that’s right five, into a crew that love and support each other.  We are far from perfect but at the end of the day when I kick back with a glass of wine and breathe, I feel incredibly blessed.

We live in the small town of Fairfax, which is located just outside of Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  Is it trendy and exciting? Not often, but it’s an incredible place to raise a family and we’ve met some fabulous families who we are fortunate enough to call our friends.

I’ve spent more than a decade working as a Realtor in the Cedar Rapids area and I’ve toured many beautifully decorated homes.  I’ve helped numerous families buy and sell their homes; I’ve helped them stage their homes for sale but it wasn’t until this past Summer that I realized my true passion.  In 2017 we sold the jam-packed house we called home and moved to a more spacious house for our crew.  With this move came several challenges.  The most fun and exciting challenge was turning this new to us house into a home.  My passion became quite obvious at this point……I LOVE to decorate!!!

Am I professional decorator? No. Do I have a clue how to stage, light and photograph a room for “Better Homes and Gardens”? Not a chance.  So what business do I have opening and operating a home décor store?  It comes back to that one word…..LOVE!  It's my Passion and I want to bring that to you.

My goal is to provide inspiration & quality home décor at a modest price to those who simply don’t have the time or desire to hit the store themselves. I want to share with you the fun in the changing of décor with the seasons, the beauty of repurposing items you already own and how to take your favorite things and make them the key to your home's vibe.  You’ll find an array of locally, regionally and worldly sourced goodies to make this happen. Spruced Surroundings is Everyday Décor made Easy……..and its Fun!